Artist: Ailie Snow

Ailie says:
“In my obsessively stitched work, I combine a wide range of different materials, sometimes including
paper, print, and found objects, to convey an idea or feeling. Most of my materials have passed through another’s hands, or have lived through another incarnation, accumulating significance and another
intangible dimension along the way. I have a great respect and liking for cloth such as this, imbued as it is with stories of the past.
Another passion is hand made books and journals. 
My works in paper and textile share a natural affinity, in material and concept, tactile experience, and use of visual language.
I have been working with textiles for more than thirty years now, regularly exhibiting and teaching around New Zealand, and more recently in Australia, Britain and the United States.  My work is held in private collections around the world, and has gained a number of national awards here at home.”

Leaf III by Ailie Snow

Phylomorphosis by Ailie Snow

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